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Save a life, spay and neuter

Animal Kingdom
Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic  


                                              1-25 lbs        $200    

                                              26-50 lbs      $225

                                              51-100 lbs    $250

                                              >100 lbs       $275

                       Dental Extractions Range in Price from $10-$100

 **  If Any Extractions are necessary a Pain Injection, Pain Medication, and Antibiotics to go home will be at an additional fee. **



***Pets must be fasted for 12 hours prior to surgery. No food after midnight the night before their procedure.  Water is fine right up until you bring them.***

**Spay prices are for young dogs that have not yet come into heat.  Older dogs that have experienced a heat cycle or had a litter, could incur additional fees

- All pets must have a mandatory $20 physical examination.

- Pets without proof of vaccines will receive Rabies and Distemper at the owner's expense.

- Pets with fleas will be treated at the owner's expense.

- Bloodwork is RECOMMENDED for all pets, but REQUIRED for older pets and all dentals.



  • Prices include pain medication and e-collars for all animals.

  • All pets must be picked up the same day they are dropped off.

  • There will be a $50 fee added, per night, to any pet that is not picked up on the same day they have surgery.

  • A Nominal Medical Waste Fee will be applied to each pet's bill.

Common Services:

Exam  (Healthy Pet)             $20

Exam  (Sick Pet)                  $35

Microchiping                         $55 

Ear Cleaning                         $15     
Express Anal Glands            $20        
Nail Trim                               $10         
Fecal Sample                        $30               
Deworming (Strongid)           $14

Deworming (Profender)        $27

Heartworm/Lyme Test           $45
Feline FeLV/FIV Test            $39         
Ear Mite Treatment               $22                     
Flea Treatment (Capstar)      $19

Flea Treatment (Cheristin)    $21          





Rabies 1 year                      $15
Rabies 3 year                      $35
DHPP                                  $19
Lyme                                   $35
Leptospirosis                      $23
Bordetella                           $18
Influenza                             $35

FVRCP                               $19
Feline Leukemia                 $29


  Dog Spay:                    Dog Neuter:

  1-25lbs     $225                   1-25lbs      $200

  26-50lbs   $250                   26-50lbs    $225

  51-100lbs $300                   51-100lbs  $250

  >100lbs    $350                   >100lbs     $300


Cat Spay:                      Cat Neuter:   
 $150                                     $100 


                  1-845-278-SPAY (7729) 

                                          Pets must be in good health and weigh over 3 lbs